NJMP Lightning April 20-21


Oohhh, I think I might be eligible for Rookie Of the Year. :silly:


You certainly got it done on Saturday!


Thank you. I had so much fun racing this weekend. The results were definitely unexpected, but well worth the wait.


I was working pit out and the scales most of the day (I am still waiting to get my E30 on track … hopefully it will be ready for May) I did take time out on Saturday to watch the Lighting race. Wow … that was some good racing by the E30 crowd!

Nice video on youtube by the way


[quote=“gtncpa” post=72096]

Nice video on youtube by the way[/quote]

Thanks, I am currently processing Sundays race (not as exciting) and Saturdays both with the Traqmate data overlay.
Should be done sometime tomorrow morning.