Barber Museum Skunkworks/Restoration Shop tour


Any interest in a private tour of the normally inaccessible areas of Barber Museum and Race Shop, the Guggenheim of Motorsports? I can arrange it Friday no later than 3 PM, or sometime Saturday, or even Sunday, starting around 11:30 AM, which is 30 minutes before Sunday opening. The full-meal-deal special SpecE30 tour will take around 3+ hours, because we get to see damn near EVERYTHING. This is NOT intended for the entire NASA paddock, only my future SpecE30 bros/sisters.

I’ve done this for my birthday, years ago, and it is really cool. We get to see the machine shop, the overflow storage, Barber’s personal race cars, etc. If we get 30+ folks, it’s like $30 all in per person. If we have fewer than 30 people, it’s like $36 or so, including tax. These prices also include admittance to the Museum itself, so you’re welcome to come in earlier and just wander to your heart’s content. Please e-mail me at if you are interested, so I can fill out the form to include you on the list.