National contingencies


OG Racing. Crash your car get a new seat for 1/2 off.


Toyo Tires.

Program page takes you to all the info and there’s a button for each step of the contingency claim process: Toyo Tires Contingency Program | #DRIVENASA | PRIZES

Things to note:
Online compliance form has to be completed the day of the race.
1st-5th and 10th-14th get $$.
19 racers means double bucks.
Regional Champs podium types get significant $$.
Have to claim within 30 days of event. Contingencies, once awarded, have a 90day life.


Winding Road Racing

Payout finishers, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20.
Also “getting your comp license” is worth $25, as is submitting a vid of your 1st lap.

Decal instructions are a little non-standard so review them at the site.



Payouts 1-5th. Must get certificate at event prior to leaving event and going home.

Success with receiving contingency payout is mixed.


National Champ only contingencies.

Condor Speedshop (FL SpecE30 racer Carlos Mendez)
He makes a lot of great stuff for us. His parts are on a lot of SpecE30s.

Sampson Racing Communications Sampson Racing Communications Contingency Program | #DRIVENASA | PRIZES

Injector Pulse injector cleaning. Injector Pulse Contingency Program | #DRIVENASA | PRIZES

G-Loc Brakes.

Contingencies that appear to apply to us, but don’t seem to carry E30 parts:
Remmen Brakes.


Spec Clutches
1st, 3rd, & 5th at Regional races and also Nationals. This is a pretty good contingency that I’ve not ever heard someone taking advantage of.


Frozen Rotors
Podium types in regional races. Frozen Rotors Contingency Program | #DRIVENASA | PRIZES


Raybestos (brake parts)

I’m not sure how this would work for us. They don’t seem to have race pads for us, only DD pads. But they do have rotors, MCs, hoses, ATE steel caliper pins, front wheel bearings and rebuild kits. The problem is that the awards doesn’t provide much of that.
1st place, pads and rotors.
3rd place, pads
5th place, pads

Later edit. 1 contingency winner says he contacted Raybestos and got some race pads. Part # RC278 ST-43. Also, Shawn says that the contingency might change for us in a way that makes it more applicable.