New driver / introduction


I’m transitioning from HPDE into a SE30, 1986 325i. Roll cage installation being scheduled next month.

Is this the active forum for North-East / New England SE30 activity? Is there anyone in the Boston, Massachusetts area that is willing to speak with a new back marker?



Hi Tom, I am in NJ but I am willing to help you with any questions you might have. email me az at drive-gear dot com


Glad to see another new guy for se30. I will also be new to se30 for 2016. Raced in ptc/d in the past. Hoping for good car counts.
Cant wait!



Wow, two new guys. Welcome to the most fun class in NASA! Are you guys planning on doing most of the events this season?


I’m planning (hoping) to be at Lime Rock, Palmer and Watkins Glenn. Possibly NJMP if I have my act together.


If all goes as planned ill be running the entire season.


Change of plans - and for the better.

This Saturday, I bought Greg Sturman’s SE30 (315) and am very happy with both the car and seller. Greg is a great guy, honest and couldn’t be better deal with. I’m only sorry that I won’t see him in e30 related events.


Hope we will see you soon. NJMP this weekend!!


You might not see me in an E30 anytime soon, but I linger around the tracks whenever there is racing. I’m sure we’ll bump in to each other in the future