New rookie in the mix


Hi all. Just wanted to introduce myself to the tribe. :grin:I am a lifelong car enthusiast and have loved BMW’s since my college days. (my favorite in the E46 M3:) Life has brought me to a dream of mine to drive on the track the way these cars are meant to be driven. Just finished a 2 day M school here in Greenville and just bought an E30 track ready car to learn proper technique from a very good friend and mentor of mine (he let me drive and taught me a bit in his Porsche Cayman GT4:slight_smile: . Going to work my way through HPDE’s and BMW CCA events here in the south with my “new” car and learn all I can. Since my commute is 7 blocks from my business, driving is purely enjoyment and passion, which is why I chose a track car more than a daily driver. Looking forward to learning and absorbing as much as I can in this close network of fellow enthusiasts. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated. Tracking cars is my happy place. Being in Charlotte, NC Carolina Motor sports Park is the closest and VIR is where my CCA club goes (never been to either yet).


welcome aboard! if you need any help please ask


Congrats on the new car! I’m currently on the hunt for a well sorted E30 myself. I’m in NC as well and heading to VIR in August for a NASA event. My first event was at CMP last month and I got totally addicted. Hope to see you out there soon!


Very cool. Where in NC? Would love to connect. I got lucky as my friend and mentor was selling his race ready E30 Just as I was thinking about my track car. Can’t wait to get going. I will check my schedule for the August at VIR.


Thanks! Any advise on shipping a car AND an additional wheel set:slight_smile:


I’m in Winston-Salem, about an hour away from VIR. Right now I have a 350z that I’m using for track days. I was going to go the specZ route but the series is all but dead on the east coast. Now, I’m getting it cleaned up so I can put it up for sale while I try to track down a Spec E30.

The VIR event is the 25th and 26th. I’m signed up for HPDE 2. Let me know if you end up signing up.