NJMP 5/18-5/19 E30 vs Spec Miata Challenge


BBQ status?

If not then heading to the Oar House for some bad music and great eye candy.

Peter Thibault


We’re hanging around and not going home after all. I’ll have my grill.


I’m bringing some Summer Shandy!

Please LmK what else I can bring. I can make a run to a store.


Still planning to bring pulled pork.


Full weekend schedule and paddock parking map available at NasaNorthEast website.


Someone save me a parking spot please. I play on Saturday morning eta sometime before practice.

Peter Thibault


Hey guys, it was really great racing with all of you! I hope some of you can attend Hyperfest. I will plan on attending “The Unofficial East Coast Championship” at Watkins Glen in September!

Race 1:

Race 2:


Here is my footage from Saturday. Sunday won’t be posted cause it just plain sucked. :unsure: