Oil cooler, remote housing, adapters, lines, etc


I bought this miscellaneous mix of oil cooler, remote filter housing, engine block adapter, lines, and brackets from Ranger probably 7-8 years ago to update the oil cooling on my track car. However, I haven’t owned my E30 for over three years now and I’ve never done anything with any of this so I figured I’d see if anyone here wants it.

See pictures here: E30 Oil cooling upgrade "kit" - Album on Imgur

I really don’t know what mounts up to where to be honest so you’ll have to do some work on your end (and likely some modification to the parts here) to get it how you want it.

I want to get $105 for it which is what I paid Ranger for it. Buyer will also pay for shipping once I know where I’m shipping it to.






im interested if still available, shipping to 60007