SOLD - FS: Spec E30, Ready To Go!


PRICE LOWERED! $8000 or best offer
My Spec E30 which didn’t see much use for years has been brought back from its slumber. It is a great car, ready to race. I has one weekend on it since storage with a rebuilt engine and runs well. This car is a great deal for someone who wants to get in to Spec E30 without spending 20 grand and still be competitive.

Pictures (hope this works):

Car specs:

  • Base Car - 1985 4 door chassis, very safe cage with Nascar style bars both sides. and foot protection, Sunroof delete, HVAC is out, fully stripped, minimal gauges.
  • Rebuilt Engine with 1 weekend on it (a few months back), crank scrapper, de-bugged runs very well.
  • Good simple bulletproof clutch, tranny shifts fine, new seals installed with engine rebuild
  • spec 3.73 lsd, good shape recent new seals
  • Spec suspension with H+R’s, Bilsteins, spec roll bars, front strut bar, Ground Control front camber plates, urethane bushings through out.
  • ABS from a 1991 E30 retrofit, works fantastic and is mandatory in my book. New Master Cylinder.
  • Removable steering wheel.
  • Legal power kill and fire system installed.
  • Halo seat (large Cobra Sebring) on Cobra sliders with VAC mounts
  • Window and side nets, current belts (G-Force)
  • Pre wired for radio, just drop in handsets (Motorola) including push to talk.
  • New water hoses and factory motor mounts
  • New battery
  • Spare engine and trans. Other spares as well.
  • Much more I am forgetting

Bad Stuff:

  • A few bruises from an altercation with a part that fell off a car in front of me. Nothing too major, but not a perfect body
  • Rebuilt engine with all new parts (including water pump, thermostat, etc.) had a rough first hour. It got hot, we thought it was headgasket, which it was. Bars leak was dumped in at the track by my buddy, which of course after a 1 lap test did nothing. It blew it’s headgasket due to a brand new Whaler factor T-stat not opening, never once. T-Stat failed the boiling water test for 20 minutes, did not open. Two others tested with it did instantly. Changed T-stat, new headgasket, engine ran all weekend afterwards no issues so it was for sure fixed. However, some of the goop from the bars leak is still in the cooling system. I don’t think this matters, but in the interested of full disclosure …

Overall: this is great running car that is turnkey and can race. It is not overly expensive and I am certain could be a winner with some development. Please get a hold of me with your questions. Car is in Long Beach, CA.

626 533 2773 cell