WTB: OE driver slider


Hey folks,

If anyone building a race car has an OE driver slider in good shape (rails not rusty) they are willing to part with, or has any leads on one, let me know. I need a replacement for my street E30.



Hey there, I have one. $25 bucks shipped.


Thanks! PM’d.


I don’t have a slider, but I may be looking for one. So, I have a question. Does anyone know if the driver side slider is the same for all years of the E30?
Does anyone know if the sliders from any of the more recent models will fit?


E30 sliders up to 9/85 production date were slightly different, get one from a newer car – an improved design, and more common. E36 and later seats were much different, and had a different floor mount pattern as well, so the sliders aren’t interchangeable.


Thanks for the help. I should have mentioned that I have an 87


I still have sliders available.